What is a baby comforter?

Babies + sleepless nights go hand in hand, so a good nights sleep is high on the priorities list for families. We get it! We are all about gifts for new parents that are both beautiful AND practical. 
Introducing our new Andie comforter
baby comforter  baby comforter

What is a comforter? 

"As babies go through phases of separation anxiety (usually around 9-12 months and again at about 2 years), having a comforter can be especially helpful".
A comforter is a soft toy or blanket that is usually small enough for your baby to cuddle, helping to settle themselves for sleep. They have many different names, but are often also known as a security blanket. 
We know that we cant force babies to sleep...but sleep consultants like The Baby Sleep Co say that a safe, breathable baby comforter can become a positive sleep association for your baby. A sign thats its time for sleep a means to soothe themselves. 

What to look for in a comforter? 

The main thing to look out for is a comforter made from a light, breathable fabric that is safe for chewing, cuddling and sleeping with.
Safety first!! 
Our Andie bunny comforters are made from a double layer muslin, which means they are light, super soft, breathable and durable. 

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