Virtual Baby Showers

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in countless events being cancelled due to the social distancing rules. We can only imagine how heart breaking it would be to have to post pone weddings and huge events, but we want to focus on baby showers, something you can’t always postpone.
Just because there are lockdowns and social distancing rules, it actually doesn’t mean that your baby shower has to be cancelled. We are starting to see more and more virtual baby showers occurring - enough to have us intrigued! 
A virtual baby shower means everyone meets up over video on computers or phones to celebrate mum and bub. While the whole concept seems bizarre at first, the key advantage to a virtual event is that no one has to travel - which means a bigger group of people can be invited and can attend. Additionally, its much more cost effective; with websites such as, you can organise invitations, customisable website and built in games for your virtual baby shower. We are shocked! 
While the concept of baby showers seems to be changing, this doesn’t mean that gifts have to change as well. Here at Myla + Co. we have created amazing options for your newborn gifting needs. We have a selection of curated baby gift boxes, as well as a “Build Your Own” function on our website for custom baby gift boxes. All you have to do is add your gift box to the cart, add in your gift note and check out! We will then pack your order, hand write your gift note and send it directly to the recipient; this way they can open it during the virtual baby shower. 
We are seeing so many gift boxes coming through with gift notes and specific instructions “Don’t open until baby shower!” - it is so fun to package and send these gifts ~ we know that a new arrival is one of the most exciting, heart filling… yet daunting times of life; we get it! Thats why we take the utmost care and pride in our gift boxes and know that upon opening, the new parents will be filled with all the love that it was packaged with. 
So there you have it! Have you had a virtual baby shower? If so, let us know how it went!