How to Swaddle a Baby + Tips and Tricks

Ahhh, the age old practice of baby-burrito creation! Lets take a look at the benefits of swaddling your little one, how to do it and some safety recommendations. 


Benefits of swaddling: 

  1. Recreates the comfort of the womb
  2. Calms the Moro reflex, which is the disruptive reflex that wakes babies up
  3. Helps babies stay on their back - safety first! 
  4. Increases duration of REM sleep, helping babies return to sleep spontaneously - hopefully limited parental intervention. (Yessssss!) 

Now... it all sounds amazing - right? Lets go through some swaddling how-to's. 


How to swaddle: 

Step 1: 

  • Lay the swaddle or blanket out flat in a diamond shape and fold the top corner down. 
  • Lay baby face up on the blanket with their head just above the folded corner. 


Step 2: 

  • Straighten the left arm and wrap the left corner of the blanket over the body and tuck it between the right arm and the right side of the body. 


Step 3: 

  • Tuck the right arm down and fold the right corner of the blanket over the body and under the left side. 


Step 4: 

  • Fold or twist the bottom of the swaddle or blanket loosely and tuck it under one side of the baby. 
  • Make sure its not too tight - you want to be able to get at least 2 or 3 fingers between the baby's chest and the swaddle. 

There you have it, Baby - burrito complete! 



AAP Safe Sleep Recommendations / Safety Notes: 

The AAP recommends parents follow the safe sleep recommendations every time they place their baby to sleep for naps or at nighttime:

  1. Place your baby on back to sleep, and monitor to be sure they don't roll over while swaddled. 
  2. Do not have any loose blankets in your baby’s crib. A loose blanket, including a swaddling blanket that comes unwrapped, could cover your baby’s face and increase the risk of suffocation.