Baby Nursery Ideas

Bringing home the newest member of your family is an exciting time! Building them a nursery where they can grow, learn, and play is also an exciting task, and there are so many directions you can take it.

Picking decor and accessories can be important when you’re welcoming a new family member to the world. You’ll also want to make sure your space is practical and comfortable. You’ll want a room that’s delightful for them and works for you each new day. If you need any help getting started, we have some exciting baby nursery ideas!

The whole world is a new place for newborns and there’s no better way to introduce it than with more and more colour. Bright and colourful decorations can be a fun way to help make your baby nursery a delightful place for your newest family member. Cot sheets are an easy way to start invigorating the palette of your nursery.

Tickle their imagination, let their mind wander, and give your little one a colourful place to rest on a bed adorned with hearts, speckles, and rainbows on these fitted Daydreamer cot sheets made with a superbly soft comfortable jersey cotton blend.

Bring the contrast and brighten up your little one’s cot with these gorgeous bright flecked Honey fitted cot sheets, made with super soft Jersey cotton blend. 

Newborns spend a lot of their time looking up at the world, and they’re delighted to have something fun to look up at. Mobiles excite and soothe our little ones, add to the calming and magical atmosphere of a nursery, and they can provide the perfect detail that pulls the look of your space together.

Give them fun overhead stimulation with this five-cloud Dream mobile, featuring neutral colored nimbuses and falling droplets in gorgeous deep alternating shades. 

Going for floral and vegetation looks can create a captivating space that sparks wonder and inspires creativity from natural beauty. Floral patterns are a great way to liven up your space and introduce more natural colour to your baby’s new home. Starting off with some nature-inspired cot sheets is a great easy way to add some touches of nature to your nursery. 

Make your nursery space a floral oasis with this super soft Jersey cotton blend Wildflower fitted cot sheet.

Adorned with a bright daisy pattern, these super soft Jersey cotton blend Daisy fitted cot sheets bring sunny floral cheer perfect for a bright nursery. 

With an elegant leafed design, Jersey blend cotton Flora fitted cot sheets bring a gentle touch of nature to the place your little one will dream.


When you’re bringing the newest member of your family home, you’ll want to give them a cozy space while they grow and learn about the world. Your nursery can be just that space with the proper decor and bedding and accessories. Make your baby nursery a warm inviting place with super soft bedding and a comforting atmosphere, and tie it together with looks to match. 

Nothing says comfort better than a soft knitted blanket on a soft cot. A Rylee knitted blanket is a perfect part of a nursery and suitable for any temperature. With a breathable design featuring small holes and super soft knitting, it’s perfect for swaddling and sleeping, and makes the perfect addition to a cozy nursery space for your newest family member. 

For even more warmth, and sound sleep for your little one, the six-layer cotton Dream blanket makes a perfect addition to a cozy cot, and goes perfect with the inviting colours of a Daydreamer fitted cot sheet. 


The world newborns look up at can be exciting and mysterious. Creating a soothing atmosphere, or instilling a sense of wonderment, nursery canopies make a great addition to any nursery. Perfect for draping over cots, beds, chairs, cushions, or elsewhere, a nursery canopy is a great way to elevate the soothing atmosphere of your nursery. 

Fitting from rustic to modern, Sand and Cloud canopies create wonderful spaces for sleep and play. 

Decorating your nursery doesn’t just give you and loved ones a pleasant space to visit with your newest family member, it will also be a space to inspire curiosity and wonder in little ones and where they first begin learning and growing. Creating the right vibe can be as simple as finding the perfect accessories and can make your baby nursery a truly special place. 

Announcement letter boards are a great way to share news and even capture it in photographs with loved ones. They’re perfect for nurseries where they can reflect important dates and first-times. Let the world know about important milestones or create fun messages for each new day with an Elkie Announcement Letter Board, each one unique and crafted from wood, the announcement board includes not only the entire alphabet, but numbers, symbols, and even emojis, so no matter what the message your nursery will have a place for it. 

Decorating the walls and ceiling in a nursery can go beyond picking the colors of walls, and sometimes the perfect accents pull it all together. A nursery is a magical space where important sleeping and dreaming happens and the Lullaby Macrame Moon captures that spirit, whether you use it for a wall-hanging or hang it from the ceiling for your little one to look up at. With a soft and simple pleasant design, it makes a perfect addition anywhere in the nursery. 

The right accessories can make a nursery not only more pleasant, but more practical as well. Sometimes the perfect accessory is just the thing to tie both together. You may have already got headbands for your little ones, or you may be expecting many more, but either way, you can keep them all in one place and keep the vibe of your nursery space with the right headband holder, like the Myla Headband Stand, each one unique from the last and crafter with beechwood. It makes a perfect addition to any nursery, where headbands can be found. 



Creating the perfect baby nursery for a new arrival is truly a magic time. A baby’s nursery will be a space for learning and  many first-time experiences and it can be a joy to build this new space for your new family member. This will be a magical space where your little one will grow. 

There are so many routes to go when it comes to picking the right pieces and finding the right vibe for this space, and these are just a few to start. Whether you’re buying for a loved one’s new nursery or building one of your own, be sure to stop in and take in our collection of nursery accessories and decor, and even clothing.