14 New Mum Gift Ideas


When someone close to you gives birth, selecting the perfect gift to mark the occasion can seem overwhelming. Your friend or sister has just played home to this baby for nine months and now, they’re experiencing the serious highs that come with being a new Mum, along with the serious lows of total exhaustion.

Every new Mum is different and the perfect gift will depend on how they’re travelling and your relationship with them. 

We’ve compiled a list of 14 new Mum gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

Sentimental Gifts For New Mums

Sentimental gifts are a lovely way to show your care and support for the new Mum in your life. A thoughtful gift can remind your friend she’s loved, cared for, and has a support network ready to jump in. 

Below are some sentimental gift ideas for new Mums.

A Baby’s First Book

A super cute sentimental gift for the new Mum in your life is a baby’s first book. 

These cute books allow mums to snap, record, and keep sentimental items from their baby’s first year of life for safe keeping.

Keepsake Box

This can be a dedicated keepsake box for new mums or a DIY project. A nice keepsake box for baby’s first booties, hospital bracelets, and sweet little mementos is so cute.

A New Mum Journal

Give Mum a journal to jot down cute memories from this amazing time in her life. There are journals available for new Mums with writing prompts and suggestions so she can keep all her best, favourite memories close. 

Practical Gifts For New Mums

In those early days of new motherhood, the simplest tasks are the hardest. You have a new bundle of joy that needs a lot of love, care, and supervision. 

The new Mum in your life is juggling learning how to care for their new little love, catching up on rest (wherever they can), and the winding path of post-birth recovery. 

So, cleaning the house, cooking meals, and running errands can be so, so difficult. There are a lot of really practical gifts you could pick up for her.

Here are some of our favourite practical gift ideas for new Mums.

Help with errands

Ask the new mother in your life if there’s anything she needs done. Can you pick up any mail from the post office, pick something up from the shops, or even take her dog for a walk? 

Ask exactly what she needs to get done and get it done for her.

Give her half an hour

Even half an hour of alone time to go have a shower, wash her hair, and do a skincare routine can be invaluable to a new Mum.

Offer to pop around and hold the baby so she can do what she needs to. 

Do her grocery shopping

Grocery shopping with a newborn is so difficult, not to mention stressful. Offer to come around, pick up a shopping list and get the grocery shopping done for her,

If you don’t have the time to do a full grocery shop, have a meal-kit delivery organised, like Hello Fresh. This way, she’ll have some groceries and meal ideas ready to go. 

A medical/comfort hamper

Think baby Panadol, a thermometer, Hydralite, Paw Paw ointment, moisturiser, and any other last-minute things she might need. 

Saving a new Mum a trip to the chemist or grocery store at midnight will make you a lifesaver.

A cleaning voucher

Having a cleaner visit your friend and help out, or just popping around and doing a big house clean yourself can be one of the most invaluable gifts for a new Mum. 

Gift Ideas to Nourish The New Mum in Your Life

Like we said, self care in those early weeks with a newborn can be so challenging. Taking a shower or getting a balanced diet feels nearly impossible. 

It’s hard to find the time to shower when your partner isn’t home, chopping up some fresh fruit is a massive task, and cooking a hearty meal can just feel like it’s out of the question. 

So, it’s a nice idea to take something nourishing to the new Mum in your life. Here are our favourite nourishing gift ideas for new mothers.

Fruit Hamper

Getting out to do the groceries or finding the time to chop up some fresh fruit can feel impossible with a newborn in tow. 

Grab a fruit hamper for the new Mum in your life, so she can nourish herself with a range of fresh fruits (and enjoy some convenient, healthy snacks with no fuss).

Healthy grazing board

You can find loads of cute grazing board caterers online to deliver a stunning and tasty grazing board to the new mother. Or, prepare one yourself.

Try to include all of your friend’s favourite, healthy, and nourishing foods. Fresh fruits, raw vegetables, yummy dips, cheeses, and a nice bread are all you need to totally delight her.

Take a big, healthy meal

The most common meal taken to new Mums is typically a big lasagne. So, think outside the box and take something just as easy to prepare, heat up, and serve.

Curries, soups, pies, and stews all make amazing reheated meals for the new Mum in your life. And they have the added benefit of being slightly out of the ordinary, so you won’t be taking along a double up. 

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For New Mums

The new Mum in your life is going to feel so special and fortunate when you take her a gift to celebrate the birth of her new baby. It’s even better if it’s a thoughtful gift, suited to the things she loves. 

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for new Mums, to get you inspired. 

A self care hamper

Hampers are an amazing way to provide lots of little, useful gifts. Think nice moisturisers, face oils, lip balms, and hair and face masks. 

You can add some of her favourite chocolates, lollies, or other snacks too.

Another nice hamper idea is sharing a hamper with a couple of bigger gifts, like a book, a robe, slippers, or vouchers with smaller, filler gifts — like chocolates and snacks. 

Some ideas for hamper fillers:

  • Face masks, eye masks, hair masks
  • Lip balms & glosses
  • Soaps, moisturisers, oils
  • Body lotions
  • Bath bombs and salts
  • Indulgent chocolates
  • Her favourite perfume
  • A bottle of wine or champagne
  • A food delivery voucher

Session with a family photographer

For the sentimental, memory-obsessed new Mum. Book her a session or buy a voucher for a session with a family photographer.

She’ll cherish the opportunity to capture those beautiful, early-days memories of her and her new little family. 

Salon vouchers

That postpartum period is full of these beautiful highs filled with new memories and baby’s firsts. But, new Mums will also experience the lows of sleep deprivation, a lack of self care, and lowered self esteem. 

Help her feel like herself again with a voucher for her favourite beauty service. A hair salon, an eyebrow or eyelash treatment, or a spa day — give her the opportunity to get out and feel beautiful again. 

Still stuck? Why not build your own gift box for Mum and baby?